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zebracaution ([personal profile] zebracaution) wrote2003-08-26 07:15 pm

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When I started out I was so young and so strong
I just let it roll off my back when things went wrong
Now it's starting to get to me
All of this inhumanity
Hey Jesus
Can you give me a ride back home?

You wouldn't know it by looking at me now
But I was showing some promise once upon a time
But it's gone now
And it ain't coming back
My time's come and gone
It's as simple as that

Hey Jesus
This world is just too troublesome for me
I try to fight off all these devils but I'm just too weak
When I'm out here walking all alone
I feel like taking my life but I won't
Too big a coward
Can you give me a ride back home?

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Hello there.

[livejournal.com profile] liedownlovely keeps mentioning you and it finally peaked our interest for real. Would it be OK for us to add you as an LJ friend?
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Lame f-only post.